Leasing vs. Buying a New Kia

Buying vs. Leasing a New Kia in Washington, MI

During the car-shopping process, you may find yourself with questions as you explore your options. Many car-buyers often find themselves wondering whether buying or leasing a new Kia is the best choice for their financial situation. If you have any questions at all about the particulars of buying vs. leasing a new Kia, be sure to sit down with one of the expert finance team members at our Kia dealership in Washington, MI. We'll walk you through the entire process so that you can drive home in a new Kia as soon as possible!

Buying is the Best Option
for You If:
Leasing is the Best Option
for You If:
You drive more than 15,000 miles each year You clock around 8,000 to 12,000 mile each year
You'd like to eventually sell your vehicle You prefer to trade in a lease every few years
You service your vehicle on your own or at an independent service center apart from our dealer You want the latest and greatest technologies, comfort perks and safety systems in your vehicle
You're okay with your warranty expiring You plan to service your vehicle at our dealership
You prefer to customize your vehicle You enjoy always having a vehicle warranty
You don't mind a higher monthly payment You want lower monthly payments

The first step is finding the new Kia that is perfect for you. Browse our well-stocked inventory and take your favorite Kia car or SUV for a test-drive. Once you've fallen in love with a new Kia model that speaks to your specific tastes, sit down with our Kia financing team to find a pricing plan that feels equally as agreeable. We'll walk you through all your auto financing options, step by step, until we've determined the best solution for your current budget and credit situation. To further explore the advantages of buying versus leasing a Kia, explore the chart below.

If you want to find an exceptional new car or SUV at a price point you'll love, contact Serra Kia today. You can explore our inventory, test-drive a new Kia sedan or SUV and determine an ideal financial plan that accommodates your lifestyle and budget.

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